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Jarek Dzwigol
Guildford GU2 9PA

Buy Tickets - 230-260* £

Join a powerful Reiki Course Level I which is run with love and passion by two Reiki Master Teachers, Healers Beata and Jarek Dzwigol in Guildford, Surrey, UK.

REIKI COURSE Level 1 is a good opportunity to learn healing, to help yourself, family, friends, animals etc

Why to learn Reiki?

Giving Reiki therapy – you reach the state of happiness
By learning Reiki – helping yourself and others,
Healing through Reiki – radiate love,
Through Reiki, you give love to others And receive love from others.

Reiki can regulate the work of glands and internal organs and aligns the chakras energy.

Scientific studies have shown that the Reiki treatments can reduce pain levels, remove the signs of sickness, discomfort, stress and cancel out depression giving a feeling of harmony, peace, growth, inner strength and joy of existence.

For more info please check our website

or call Jarek on 079356 51585

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